The First Asian Idol is…

So, who is the first Asian Idol? Is your favorite contestant the winner?

Hadi Mirza from Singapore is the winner of the First Asian Idol…

Although his voice is not very great than another contestants, but i think he has a good attitude… he is so humble, so maybe that´s one of the reason why people in asia choose him as the First Asian Idol…

Hady Mirza

hady mirzaMuhammad Mirzahady Bin Amir is the winner of the second season of Singapore Idol. He was crowned the winner on September 25, 2006, after garnering 70% of about one million votes cast by television viewers.

Hady fell in love with singing when he started it at the age of 8. He found it was a way of conveying his emotions and expressing himself freely. While growing up, he wished to be a professional soccer player, but eventually he became a pub performer.

Hady used the words simple, strong-willed, and stubborn to describe him self, and claims to be good at ball games, entertaining guests, and making scrambled eggs. He´s very close to his family and friends, especially his mom.

Self-titled debut album of Hady was released in Singapore on November 13, 2006 and achieved Platinum status within 4 days of release (In Singapore, albums get Platinum Status when 15,000 albums, instead of 1 million like in the US, are sold, due to population number).


Album :
Hady Mirza (2006)

Award :
Most Popular Artiste (Singapore) in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007
Most Popular Song (Singapore) for the single ´Merpati´ in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007
(source: The Official Site of Asian Idol)