Masterpiece, the new Indonesian Idol’s album

I like Risma in this album. I don’t know why, but her voice is little bit different in this album than in Spectaluer Show. I mean more better. I like the new arrangement although i prefer KD than Risma to sing this song.
The other song/contestant… mmm… i don’t like too much… the new arrangement is OK… but it’s still boring for me…
In my opinion, Indonesian Idol 3 album is better for me than Indonesian Idol 4. Maybe because I don’t know much about the song in Indonesian Idol 3 album, so it’s like hear a new song for me…

1. Bendera – All Finalists
2. Begitu Indah – Gaby
3. Cobalah Untuk Setia – Risma
4. Radja – Gana
5. Karma – Sarah
6. Aku Bukan Pilihan – Wilson
7. Bagaikan Langit – Steve
8. J.A.P – Fandy
9. Negri di Awan – Priska
10. Tegar – Marsya
11. Terbang – Dimas
12. Sekali Ini Saja – Julian
13. Jera – Rini

The price of the CD is Rp 45.000,-